Jasmine oil is one of the most popular scents in perfumery today. It is often referred to as the king of essential oils (and rose as the queen of essential oils) because it is so widely used. But did you know that there is no true jasmine essential oil? Essential oils are steam distilled.

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Jasmine Sambac Co2 Extract

The Co2 Extraction is new technique for extraction of Jasmine Sambac flowers and for getting 100% true essence of Jasmine Sambac. People now believe to get a product without any kind of solvent inside it , similar like Hydro Distilled Oils. People now have a lot of purposes of using Jasmine Oil and this kind of demand rise a question over the low availability and single quality ( absolute) of jasmine sambac.

One who need jasmine extract for medicinal purposes, must buy an oil without solvent existence in it Or even he can not tolerate the use of solvent during production, Co2 Extract of Jasmine is the option.

CO2 technology allows selective isolation of the individual constituents.This results in an improved quality product. The consumption of our CO2 extract as compared to products from traditional solvent extraction or steam distillation can be lower by 15-25%. Since the CO2 process is carried out in an inert atmosphere, the shelf-life of the extract and, therefore, the final product is enhanced considerably. The CO2-process takes place at relatively low temperatures which makes it suitable for the isolation of temperature sensitive compounds.

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