Jasmine oil is one of the most popular scents in perfumery today. It is often referred to as the king of essential oils (and rose as the queen of essential oils) because it is so widely used. But did you know that there is no true jasmine essential oil? Essential oils are steam distilled.

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Jasmine Sambac Absolute - Mogra Absolute

INCI: Jasminum Sambac
PART: Flower
METHOD: Solvent Extracted
MSDS Available Upon Request

Arabian jasmine is also known as Jasmine Sambac. It is a vine with fragrant little white flowers and shiny dark green leaves. The flowers are about one inch across and grown in cluster of three to twelve among clusters of 3 leaves, the flowers will fade to pink as they age. They will bloom through the summer or continuously in a warm climate. The flower will bloom late in the evening and will produce a fruit of small black berries. The plant will grow six to ten feet high Jasmine Sambacoutdoors but can also be grown indoors and will be approximately thirty six inches if grown in a pot.

Jasmine sambac is the national flower of the Philippines. In Hawaii they are used in leis, and in China they are used to flavor green tea. It is widely grown in the tropics as an ornamental plant for its strong scented flower, and used in many religious ceremonies. The people of the Philippines believe it will cure headaches and in Indonesia it is a symbol of purity, eternal love and nobility and beauty of a girl.

The absolute is extracted from the flower by a solvent extraction method, as the process of steam distillation can destroy its delicate flower and the scent. It is best if the oil is diluted it works well with Jojoba, sandalwood, ylang ylang; Bergamot, Frankincense, Geranium, Lemongrass, Orange, Rose and other aphrodisiac oils. Try making soap with Jasmine Sambac, but be aware that it does need to be mixed with other essential oils as it will not blend well on its own in the process of making the soap.

Jasmine Sambac is known as the lover’s body oil, because of its sweet intoxicating scent. Its aroma is a musky and masculine, floral scent. Just like other Jasmines Sambac is used for anti-depression; sedative, muscle pain, and an aphrodisiac.

It should not be taken internally in the oil form, and recommended not to use if pregnant. In labor it will help with the contractions, after birth it will help with the scaring of stretch marks. Of course whenever using any products on your skin, always do a small patch test.

Jasmine Sambac Absolute is now available in smaller packing too.

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